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Purpose is to help understand reality as much as possible.

Scientific method is needed and needs to be improved continuously.

Miles Mathis started his website at apparently in 2000 when he started making major corrections to physics, astronomy, math, science etc.

He started a second website at where he initially started discussing art in 2006 and later gradually eased into discussing politics, history, society etc.

He has stated on occasion that he was involved in the 9/11 Truth movement as a participant, not as a leading figure, I think. He has a bio on the second site, but it doesn't cover many details.

He became increasingly aware of corruption in many aspects of modern society.

He and some of his writers found that the ancient Phoenicians, who were Semitic and related to the ancient Israelites, ancestors of modern Jewish people, apparently took control of all world governments surreptitiously and continue to do so to this day. They controlled all major media and the heads of all governments and their financiers. They faked much history in order to keep the masses ignorant and afraid in order to be easily controlled.

The Covid story is their latest most serious project. Miles and company believe the purpose is to steal increasing amounts of wealth from the common people and to further impoverish them/us. I believe their goal is genocide. The virus is possibly man-made, if it exists at all, and deaths from normal causes are claimed to be from Covid in order to instill fear of the virus in the public. This influences them to accept vaccination, but the vaccines are a new kind, which cause disability and often death in months to come. But the media will likely claim the deaths are due to new strains of Covid, so they can sucker more people to get the vaccine, which has a Trojan Horse.

See Dr. Tenpenny interview at

It's somewhat well-known that many aristocrats and ruling class people consider the human race to be dangerously overpopulated. I'm confident most of them know that isn't true, but they actually are likely racists who seem to want to eradicate "Gentiles" or the common people who are not part of the ruling class.

I hope to discuss how we can defeat the apparent genocidal agenda on the board titled RESIST TYRANNY & BUILD FREEDOM.
I discussed that quite a bit on the forum for several years, but they recently took that forum down, so I had to start this forum for that instead.
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